About us

The Company AS OIL M1 has been established in year 2002 in Pristina and from the 2002 till 2011 was the authorized and unique representative of ExxonMobil for the wide program of oils of Mobil and ESSO for the territory of Kosovo and Macedonia.
The professionalism of the managerial team and the experience in the given area as well as the perfect brands Mobil and ESSO which are famous in the world over its quality, the large success is achieved at the market and the momentary success is the sufficient guarantee for the skylight outlook of the Company and on both products.
The results are not accidental but are result of the perfect managerial and professional consisted and escorted business plans with the professional teams for the different areas. The achieved results said about long term provided positions at the market for the sale of the oils Mobil and ESSO.
Thanks to the teams’ effective and successful work, their completely professional and correct attitude toward the clients including their contribution for the enlargement of the results on every day basis, the possibility for better position in the market and increasing the number of employees in the near future is the vision of the Company.
AS OIL M1 was authorized importer and distributor of ExxonMobil for Kosovo with its activities is present and in Macedonia, through the Company AS OIL M1 – Macedonia and it had the right for representation and distribution for the products of the program of Mobil and ESSO for the territory of Macedonia. Please click the following link for the representative office in Macedonia.