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The ESSO brand originates from S.O. the abbreviation of Standard Oil, the oil company established by John D. Rockefeller in 1882.ESSO is associated with high quality and reliability, a brand trusted by customers around the world for more than century.

While Mobil 1 is known as the absolute leader, lubricants that are sold under the ESSO brand name, such as the semi-synthetic ESSO Ultra and the fully synthetic ESSO Ultron for cars, also an excellent reputation
The Panasonic Toyota Formula 1 team choses ESSO to lubricate its vital components.
And Peugeot on the production line are being filled with ESSO lubricants.
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What's new

Grand Opening of ASOILM1 Complex

The petrol station,restaurant and the saloon for second hand mercedes cars which were builded from ASOILM1 started with work officially at 13.12.2010.

From 10.06.2010 Begins with work gas station ASOIL M1

, which is under lease to Lukoil Macedonia Skopje for 5 years.Gas station will be offering full services from Lukoil Skopje, within the pump started working and exclusive restaurant under AS OIL M1, whose services are offered for the first time in the territory of Macedonia.

ASOILM1 agreement with LUKOIL

On 04.11.2009 ASOILM1 made an agreement with LUKOIL Macedonia, for renting the Gas station together with the market for 5 years of the ASOILM1 complex.